What’s new in feedly v17 for iPhone and iPad?

Originally posted on Building Feedly:

We just pushed a new version of feedly for iPhone and iPad (version 17). You can update it on your device or download it from:


What’s new?

  • Support for iOS7
  • Fixes auto-refresh bug
  • 300% faster start time
  • Cleaner visual design
  • Search in my feedly (pro feature)
  • New explore section
  • Enhanced feed search
  • SMS sharing
  • Better Buffer integration
  • Better Pocket integration
  • Better Facebook integration
  • Better Twitter integration

Download now for free from the Apple Store

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Introducing Custom Sharing

Originally posted on Building Feedly:

As part of the latest release of feedly Desktop (v17.3.639), we are launching anew feedly Pro feature: Custom Sharing. It allows you to integrate your feedly with a variety of services to directly save or share articles.


Here below are some examples of what you can do with Custom Sharing in feedly.

Send an article to Pinboard:

Publish via HootSuite:

Send to RTM (Remember The Milk):

Custom send to bit.ly:

Create an event in Google Calendar (useful for feeds that deliver dates and time):

Open full page in Google Translate:

Create a Google Bookmark:

Blog to WordPress:

To enable Custom Sharing, and access 7 other features that will boost your feedly experience, upgrade to feedly Pro.

To configure Custom Sharing, go to Preferences > Sharing > Custom Sharing


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Microsoft’s Finnish data center plans, and other tidbits from the Nokia takeover call

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Microsoft(s msft) and Nokia(s nok) held a press conference on Tuesday morning to discuss Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia’s phone hardware and services business. Naturally, several interesting details came out about the deal and its likely impact.

The first came from Nokia’s interim CEO, Risto Siilasmaa (Stephen Elop is back off to Microsoft, and is in the running for Steve Ballmer’s job). Siilasmaa said the two companies had been mulling over the deal since February this year – and Microsoft was the suitor:

“Nokia alone does not have the resources to fund the required acceleration across mobile phones and smart devices, especially as we have great opportunities in our other businesses as well… [Nokia’s 32,000 transferring employees] will have stronger financial backing to be successful in the mobile marketplace.

“Finland becomes a core place for Microsoft in Europe. Instead of one Nokia there will be two global technology companies…

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First post on worldpress fromhnt

First post on worldpress fromhnt


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